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Just Cool by AWDis – Decoration Technical Data

The following information is meant as a guide and experimentation must be carried out with any chosen method on the decorator’s own equipment to ensure the best results.

It is important to recognize from the outset the different fabric compositions of Just Cool garments and their individual characteristics under decoration processes. Our garments consist of our main fabric base namely:

Neoteric – A light-weight 140gsm 100% Polyester

Transfer Printing

Though polyester melts at about 250°c it will mark/scold at much lower temperatures than those normally associated transfer printing on more traditional cotton based fabrics. If the temperature is set too high and/or too much pressure is applied it can leave a heat impression mark on the fabric. For best results garments should be held under the heat press for 10 seconds with the temperature set at 150-160°c. Laying a Teflon sheet or grease proof paper on top of the print area will help to protect the garment whilst under the heat press. Another method to minimise marking is to use a rubber type pad that fits closely to the borders of the chosen print. If marking does occur the outline of the marking will normally follow the shape of the platen used to apply the transfer. The marking will frequently become less obvious after steaming and can disappear after the first wash. It is reasonable to expect at least some level of marking given the nature of polyester fabric.

Transfer printing has been done using various well known proprietary methods. Please see below some printing materials suitable for Just Cool products:

Premium Flex

This should be applied at 150-160°c for 10-15 seconds.

Premium Stretch Flex

This is a highly stretchable flex material which is designed for sports and performance wear. This is applied using a heat press in the same method as the Premium Flex. For best results it’s suggested a 2 second after press is applied.

Magic touch

Prior to applying the print, hold the heat press down on the garment for 5 seconds to pre heat. Magic touch is applied to the garment at 180°c for 10 seconds and then give a 2 second press after to seal the print onto the garment.

Sol Dark

This is pressed at 150-160°c for around 10-15 seconds

Sub Block

This is pressed at 150-160°c for around 10-15 seconds

Please note if the heat press is set too high (175+°c) then it is likely the fabric dyes will come through the print.

Screen Printing

Screen printing can be carried out using the conventional method with tunnel drying at 165°c with a dwell time of 2-3 minutes. Setting the dryer at any temperature higher than 165°c is likely to cause shrinkage in the garment with a possibility of the fabric dyes coming through particularly on lighter prints such as white. You may also need to consider reducing the temperature and/or dwell time if the garment is being printed and dried more than once as there is a cumulative impact on the dye transfer and shrinkage effect.

For best results it is recommended that a clear base or blocker is applied underneath the print to stop dyes from coming through, especially on darker fabric colors such as black, red, maroon and pink. Depending on the type of mesh used, certain garments will need to be spotted and/or double hit to ensure the print is bright.

Plastisol based inks give the best results on Just Cool products as they are thicker which makes prints brighter. Water based inks can be used as well but may need to be spotted or double hit to prevent dye migration from the garment into the print.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing can be carried out at various temperatures with the best intensity of color at 190°c on white and lights colored fabrics. Large area heat presses will mark over the whole area of application, particularly noticeable around the edges, so the rubber pad protection method is recommended. Pre heating the pad and placing it inside the shirt to print only the relevant part is recommended and will protect the opposite side of the shirt. We would also recommend pre–shrinking the garment before the print is applied.

Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG works on Just Cool products but only on white and light pastel colors. The average drying temperature is around 160°c for a duration of 30 seconds. Going over this temperature and/or duration increases the chances of shrinkage and dye migration.


All Just Cool fabrics can be embroidered but due to the makeup of the materials stretching and snagging can be some common issues. To limit these problems we recommend using heavy backing and using multiple pieces different angles to hold the material stable when being process.

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